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  • 2017-11-17 Meeting Minutes
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  • Brief check in before the Thanksgiving holiday.

Discussion items

10mSurvey, manuals, DUIXAmela
  • Survey from Active duty officers at NPS, ongoing but –MC require additional level of review, Marines in generally
  • Manuals we are building, scanning busts and printing
  • Question: Find out what permissions are needed to share? (NIH question)
  • DIUx discussion
10mModel exchange developments how NIH site is configuredEd
  • New documents from Meghan at NIH, 8 total, configuration requirements, Drupal and functionality
  • ModelExchange Server Workflow diagram now available to better understand (gitlab source version).
  • Received administrative privileges to the NIH site, helpful!
10mNew 3d printersKristin
  • New 3D printers in robodojo lab
  • Offering three workshops this quarter (each given on a volunteer basis)
10mNew member updateDon
  • Art Griffin, Todd Corsey interested in participating in the group; N4 just got back from DIUX

Action items

  • Becca; add 3d printer page for NPS w/ descriptions, images, uses
  • Amela: take over this meeting for the next two weeks while Don is on travel