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The unofficial guide to getting the Department Chair's final authorization.  As of this writing, this is the current MAE process.  Please check in with the MAE office to confirm.

  1. You should have submitted drafts of the document to your advisor and co-advisor/second-reader and addressed any revisions they requested.
  2. Prepare the materials
    1. In Python, initiate routing of TRAF for advisors signatures - both advisors should sign off in Python and add any comments.
    2. Print the "first eight pages" of the thesis from Python.  This is the cover page, abstract, signature page, etc.
    3. Collect signatures (in ink) from your advisor and co-advisor/second-reader.  If time is an issue, your advisor can likely sign for the co-advisor/second-reader.
    4. Print the final thesis document in full.
  3. Submit the printed materials, with signatures to the MAE office.
  4. Receive review and make corrections
    1. When the review is complete you will get an email from the MAE office to pickup your marked-up paper copy. 
    2. Make any requested corrections.
  5. Submit revised copy
    1. Submit your corrected draft electronically as a PDF.
    2. Deliver the original marked-up paper copy to the MAE office for comparison with the updated PDF.
  6. Final signatures from the Chairman
    1. Signed electronically in Python
    2. Signed in ink on the signature page (within the "first eight pages")
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