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There are a few different ways to generate movies/videos/animations with MATLAB.  Below is one method that works with Linux/Ubuntu.

There are two basic steps:

  1. In MATLAB, generate a sequence of images.  Save those images as sequentially named files (ex, image-001.png, image-002.png, etc.).
  2. In Linux use a tool like ffmpeg or avconv to generate a movie file from the image sequence.

The code for these examples is at

Step 1: Generating Image Sequence with MATLAB

Here is an example script that uses export_fig (described here) to generate a sequence of images in the "movie" directory.

Now you should have a bunch of image.  The directory should look like this...

Step 2: Generating a Movie from Image Sequence

The following command should find these images and convert them to a movie with the file name out.mp4

The syntax is equivalent for ffmpeg.  There are a bunch of cryptic options here.

If all goes well you should have the out.mp4 file as a movie...


Note the the video quality is not terribly high.  To increase the quality you can adjust the image resolution in MATLAB and or the command line options for the avconv/ffmpeg call.

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