What is Central Authentication Service (CAS)?

The Naval Postgraduate School utilizes Jasig open source Central Authentication Services (CAS) to handle authentication to trusted applications.  CAS enables NPS to provide single sign-on capabilities to many of our supported applications.

Why should I close my browser when I am done?

Generally speaking, it is a good practice to close your web browser after accessing any website that requires a username and password. It is especially important when you are on a public computer. It ensures that the next person to use that computer won't be surfing the net as you.

When you log in to CAS, a cookie is stored in your browser that allows you to be automatically logged in to other sites. This cookie is set to expire at the end of your browser's session. So, when you close your browser, this cookie no longer exists and you can no longer be automatically be logged in to any more sites without specifying your password again.

What is single sign on?

Single sign-on (SSO) is an authentication process that allows a user to provide their username and password once in order to access multiple applications.

What is the DoD U.S. Government policy on Acceptable Use of Information Systems?

By agreeing to this policy, you acknowledge and consent that when you access Department of Defense (DoD) information systems, you are accessing a U.S. Government (USG) information system (IS) (which includes any device attached to this information system) that is provided for U.S. Government authorized use only.

What applications are CAS enabled?

The following applications have been CAS enabled:

  • Sakai
  • NPS Enterprise Wiki (Confluence)
  • Kuali Financial System (KFS)
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