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Upgrades for Naval Research Program:

  1. Custom public upload form for each department
    1. Need a way to assign someone to be responsible for each department
      1. On the Admin > Edit Departments tab add the ability to select a profile for each department
    2. Each department would need someone with Admin access to Catalyst
      1. Add form to Admin area to Add/Delete admins
    3. Need a way to generate a custom url for uploads that is only available for a limited time
      1. Add a form to generate a custom url that is only available till a specific date. 
    4. Create a custom input form for each department
      1. Mapping the custom form to Catalyst fields
        1. Contact info goes into profile description
        2. Project ID number goes into Title or project description
  2. Export Search results to Excel
    1. Export the project and the profile information
  3. Email notification - user can sign up for notifications for a search result, so when new projects are created that hit that search result they get an email





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