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If you are off campus you must already be logged into the NPS VPN

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1.Go to Python at

The main Python screen should look like this.


Not loading or not found?

  • If you're on campus you need to either be on NPS Wireless or on a wired connection.
  • If you're not on campus you'll need to be on the NPS VPN in order to be able to access Python.

2. Input your NPS username/password and Click the “Log in” button

Login with your NPS account info, NOT your CHDS account info


What if it doesn't accept my login?

  • if you get: your account is disabled, you will need to call campus IT at 831-656-1046 M-F 7:30am - 4:30pm PT.
  • If you get your account is locked, you will need to use your profile to unlock your account using the NPS Password Page.

From here you can: