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To submit grades to Python you will first need to

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1. Click “Faculty Folio” then “Teach Load” (left column of page)

The matrix shows the courses you’ve taught.

2. Find the course that just wrapped up and click the icon button.
3. Click the “submit grades” button.

If it says "Submit Late Grades" that's okay.  CHDS terms don't line up with regular NPS terms, so there may be times where grades cannot be anything but late according to Python's defined window.

4. Use the boxes in the “Grade” column to select a grade for each student

If there are students on your list who weren't in the class, it is wise to follow up with Heather McColgan.  CHDS students change cohorts fairly often, and the Registrar's Office is sometimes out of sync with the latest changes.  Heather can notify the office to make necessary changes.

5. Click the “Submit” button to record the full set of grades.

6. Click the "Assign Grades Now" button in the confirmation window that appears.
7. When you get the confirmation window with the "All grade assignments have been made." message, you are finished.