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dc.contributor.department - for Departments

 For NPS Departments, use names as below.  These are adapted for use from the NPS page at . Note that for older documents, department names may vary.  When there is a department listed that is not represented here, catalog from the item in hand. Avoid using "Department of..."


Avoid this: Department of Aeronautics
Use this instead: Aeronautics


Applied Mathematics
NEW: As if October 1, 2019: Graduate School of Defense Management (GSDM) see GSBPP name change to GSDM
for documents dated September 30, 2019 and before, use Business & Public Policy (GSBPP)
Computer Science (CS)
Defense Analysis (DA)
Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Information Sciences (IS)
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE)
National Security Affairs (NSA)
Operations Research (OR)
Systems Engineering (SE)

for Schools:

For Academic Groups, Centers and Institutes: use dc.contributor.other

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  1. yes, this looks good. consistency is a good thing to strive towards. note: sometimes depts/groups may have had different names in the past than they are named now. this occasionally comes up when we enter older documents.

    1. Doughty, Thomas (CIV)Tom, I just ammended Business & Public Policy to add (GSBPP) – I think a minor change and probably helpful to users.  On the table for Calhoun right now is collaborating with FAIR (Faculty Activity and Instruction Reporting tool) project and creating metadata for the database GSBPP is building with Digital Measures Activity Insight.  Consistency will be important and is sure to come up.  Let's talk more about it, but it seems like a good idea to remind everyone to use this format in new records going forward.

  2. Berry, Irene (CIV) Irene: is the list of NPS depts, schools and academic groups up to date? Staff rely on this list to verify these groups against info provided in faculty pubs they are working on; in order to correctly fill the dc.contributor.department field in the record. 

    1. Doughty, Thomas (CIV) Yes, it is "up to date" as recently as yesterday, but is pending a potential change to department naming practice as of the Python2 test report for the June 2018 theses (see my email as of yesterday afternoon). Reason: Python2 reports departments differently than the information this list was based on. Difference: Python2 reports a two letter code after every department; previous NPS practice was to do this but not for every department. 

      As we know, names of schools, depts and academic groups, etc. are a moving-carpet.  Proposed changes are expected, so do tell if you would like one to be instituted. thank you --icb

  3. Frilles, Jose (CIV) Quillopo, Anastacia (Ana) (CIV) see Irene's update above re NPS depts/schools/academic groups

  4. Doughty, Thomas (CIV) Effective October 1, 2019: a name change to former GSBPP to Graduate School of Defense Management (GSDM). This means that documents issued after this date use Graduate School of Defense Management (GSDM).  Documents issued before this date continue to use Business & Public Policy (GSBPP) as previously.  

    Documented by GSDM librarian Kathy Norton Norton, Kathleen (Kathy) (CIV)  as noted above.