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Adding Cyber Features to the Dystopia World

Sponsor: DOT&E

Period of Performance: 12/2013 to <ongoing>

Principal Investigator: CDR. Joe Sullivan

Developers: Eric Heine, Jeff Houde, Ryan Lee, Michael Guerrero, Erik Johnson

Consultation: Dave Alderson, Matt Carlyle, Gurminder Singh

Students: Kevin Martin

Statement of Work Tasks

Task 1

Develop one or more layers of cyber infrastructure in the Dystopia world.

  • Must be realistic (i.e. could be functional in the real-world)
  • Related to other layers (e.g.  telecommunications depends on electrical)

Task 2

Develop one or more exercise scenarios utilizing multiple layers of data.

Task 3

Develop tools to create, edit, and modify data layers of Dystopia. 

  • Streamlined process of manipulating multiple layers of interconnected data.
  • Ability to deal with multiple users editing data. Modified data could be shared or kept local; layers could be published or kept private.



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