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You can find links to thesis proposal and IRB checklist for CS students here:

Note that if you are an SFS student you have a special thesis proposal form which is accessible through your Sakai page.

Benefits to the Navy / DoD

Under the "Benefits of Study" section, please add two subsections called "Benefits to the DoD" and "Benefits to the Navy." At minimum these should include the following boilerplate copy:

"Benefits to the DoD:

Digital forensics is also a key tool used by the military to understand the security environment an organization is facing, to investigate cyber security incidents, and to quickly process digital media and devices acquired from opponents in the course of operations. The proliferation of digital evidence in need of examination is contributing to the expanding demand for scalable, automatic forensic analysis techniques.

Benefits to the Navy:

The Navy benefits from enhanced intelligence acquired from digital media as a result of the techniques developed by this research, as well as from the reduced manpower necessary to extract this intelligence, and the improved analytical capabilities applied to it.

The Navy also benefits from an enhanced ability to assess attacks to their own information systems and to attribute these attacks to their assailants."

If there are additional benefits specific to the project, please add these as well.

See below for some examples of how to answer questions 3 and 4 on the IRB form.

Question 3:

No, The goal of the research is not to collect information about living individuals. Though the possibility of discovering information about living individuals from files in the Real Data Corpus does exist, the purpose of this research is not to collect or analyze this information. No information about living individuals will be published. Access to the files in the Real Data Corpus is governed by the existing IRB protocol NPS.2012.0024-IR-EP5A

Question 4:

No, we are working with a dataset that contains PII, but the data we are gathering as part of the research project pertains only to the effectiveness of new methods of running previously developed digital forensic tools.

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