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Department of Homeland Security Systems Research Center (DHSSRC)

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Systems Research Center (RCS) was established to provide access to and onsite sponsorship of DHS and U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) related research opportunities for NPS students and faculty.   The DHS/USCG has an interest in leveraging the partnership with the DoD through research and education and seeks to better coordinate joint service learning through shared educational and research experiences.
A DHS/USCG sponsor exists full time at the Naval Postgraduate School.  His duties are to provide DHS/USCG related research assistance, systems engineering and acquisition workforce mentorship and liaison between NPS and USCG headquarters’ directorates.
This Wiki provides access to DHS/USCG related research topics that are either on going and funded, or fresh in the mind of a sponsor.  The current year portfolio reflects the DHS/USCG Research and Development Center’s biggest research challenges.  The Idea Submission for Project Recommendations reflects unit level challenges that may eventually turn into future research.
The research opportunities here are not just provided to the 20 USCG students attending NPS.    Any service student or departmental faculty can offer their expertise or interest in a topic.   If you have interest in learning more about these projects, please contact CDR J. Marc Aparicio and he will provide the connection and sponsorship for further discussion and hopefully sponsorship for a research topic.

Contact Information

Sponsor/Director of DHSSRC

CDR J. Marc Aparicio, USCG
Systems Engineering Dept
Bullard Hall



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