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The Idea Submission for Project Recommendations reflects unit level challenges that may eventually turn into future research.  If you are interested in any of these topics, please email for a more detailed write-up and project description.

Idea # Title
25 Visual Reference for Security Zone Enforcement. (Hologram or other type of technological solution)
28 Integrated Sextant, Position and Reduction System
29 Narcotics Recovery from Scuttled Semi-Submersibles
31 Over The Air Re-keying (OTAR) of E-AIS Units via Wireless Network
32 Coast Guard Blue Forces Tracking
33 LE Program Needs an External Audit by a Professional Accredidation Source
34 Smart Phone Boater's Tool
35 Green SORB
36 Test the Viability of Using Copper (Green) Ammunition.
37 CG Buoy Break-away Timer
39 Remote Control Camera on Monito Island, PR
40 Interface the GMS E-LOG and CASREP System with ALMIS
41 MARFLIR Auto Scan and Detect Function
42 Camera and Video Cards That Can Be Plugged Directly into SWIII COMPUTERS.
43 Voxtec Phraselator P2 Mobile Translation System
 44  Leveraging Infrared Red (IR) technology to the Tethered Aerostat Radar System (TARS)
46 2011.024 - Oil Spill Response Technology Gaps
48 2012.001 - Airborne Oil Spill Remote Sensing and Reporting
49 2012.033 - CGMOES Next Generation
50 2012.038 - Lighting Assessment for the Cutter Bridge
51 2013.004 - Evaluate Technologies to Optimize CG Tactical Data Transmission
52 2013.005 - Panga Search Planning Tools/POS Calculation Analysis
53 2013.007 - Selection and Testing of Solid State Radar for VTS
54 2013.009 - Communication Networks Modeling and Simulation Tool
55 2013.010 - Next Generation (NG) 911 to USCG Responder Demonstration
56 2013.012 - Prototype Hoax Location System Development
57 2013.013 - Identify Navigation, Communications, and Detection (NC&D) Equipment for Ice Rescue Teams
58 2013.014 - Develop an Environmentally Friendly Buoy Mooring System
59 2013.017 - Evaluate Rotary Wing Surface Search Radar (SSR)
60 2013.021 - Detect DGPS/GPS Positioning/Time Anomalies through NAIS
61 2013.022 - Existing Wrecks Potential Spill Response Assessment
62 2013.025 - Assess Electro-Optics/Infrared Sensors Utilizing Laser Gated Intensified (LGI) Technology
63 2013.026 - Cocaine Purity and Signature Test
64 2013.027 - Operations Quality Assurance System (OQAS)
65 2013.029 - Develop NAIS ÒBear-ProofÓ Box for Alaska
66 2013.030 - Underwater Latent Fingerprinting
67 2013.032 - Develop In Situ Devices to Enable Protection of Sunken Military Vessels
69 2013.036 - Coastal Surveillance System (CSS)
70 CG SAR Smart Phone Application
72 Integrated Common Operation Picture (COP) capability
73 Crowdsourcing for Hydographic Data
74 High Probability TwoLooks Approach to Parallel Search Patterns in Search and Rescue
75 Categorizing Operator Impact as a Search Parameter.
76 Expansion of surveillance capability from CG Boats
77 Ensuring Acquistion projects deliver capability desired on time.
78 Defining e-Navigation Enhancement "Needs"
79 A new look at Major System Acquisition Manual (MSAM) document deliverables.
80 The Coast Guard App Store - How to get there.
81 Explosive detection for Deployable Specialized Force boarding teams.
82 2013.018 - Development of a Modernized International Maritime Organization (IMO) Global Maritime Distress & Safety System
83 ARMOR CD - model for analyzing possible drug interdiction patrol patterns.
85 Base line recreational boater traffic analysis.
87 Title: Destruction or Tracking of Rustic Migrant Vessels in the Straits of Florida
88 Title: Migrant identification/accountability bracelet
89 Title: Wi-Fi tactical data network to support boarding operations
90 Title: Small boat mobile FOB kit/trailer
91 Title: Deployable DOMEX
92 Title: Pursuit boat IR identification marker
93 Title: AUF visible laser sighting
94 Title: AUF self tracking FLIR or wide aperture EO/IR system
95 Title: SAR flare sighting first light search model/decision tool
96 Title: SFLS persistent surface surveillance (lighter than air or UAS)
97 Title: Lightweight/buoyant towing system
98 Title: Improved fixed-wing aircraft covertness
99 Title: CD/AMIO deterrence metric system and valuation model
100 Title: UAS situational awareness/see-and-avoid
101 Title: Combined FOUO-level DHS VTC centers to eliminate travel
102 Title: Computer based integrated voice conferencing switchboard for CCs
104 Investigation of Available Dockside Water Sources for Use as Ballast Water
105 WMSL Arctic Ops Gap Analysis
106 Nearshore Hostile/Rogue Vessel Threat Response Capabilities
107 Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) Voyage Planning
109 RFID Technology Usages Should be Explored for CG Applications- Specific Application, Dereliction of Abandoned Ship
110 Polar Icebreaker Recapitalization Design Consideration Research:  Seakeeping versus Icebreaking Capability
111 Polar Icebreaker Recapitalization Design Consideration Research:  Fuel Economy versus Icebreaking Capability
112 Polar Icebreaker Recapitalization Design Consideration Research:  Affordibility in Construction
113 Polar Icebreaker Recapitalization Design Consideration Research:  Improving Reliability and Efficiency of Power Transmission Systems
114 Polar Icebreaker Recapitalization Design Consideration Research:  Technology to Address Environmental Regulations
115 Bottom Mapping/change detection by Commercial Fishermen with Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) Software
116 Image Product Library (IPL) Market Survey
117 Greensorb Multi-Purpose Absorbent Cleaner
118 Solid State Radar Applications to CG Operations
119 Operational assessment of SENTINAL.
120 Response Guidance for Falls From Heights into Water
121 Investigation of Vessel-Generated Waters for Use as Ballast Water
123 Multiple-Person Recovery Techniques and Equipment Evaluation
124 Large Vessel Drift Projection
125 Independent Assessment of TRIDENT Network Capabilities to Support CG Operations within CGD1.
126 Independent Assessment of OPTIDE Vessel Targeting Capabilities to improve CG Operational Efficiency across Multiple CG Missions.
127 Study of probability of detection (POD) for aircraft flying manually vs. under flight director use at various track spacing for PIW searches.
128 Interagency ICS Software Tool Suite
129 The Impact of Azipod Thrust Wash on Shoaling in Shallow Water Harbors
130 D9 Year 2100 Shore-based Infrastructure Needs
131 Neutral Bouyancy / Closed Cell Foam
132 Enclosed Space Breaching
133 Optical Sight for the M240 Machinegun
134 Portable Explosive Detection and Identification
135 Short Range, Tactical, Un-manned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
136 87' CPB Sustainment Program vs. Acquire New Business Case Analysis
137 Small Vessel Stopping by Non-Lethal Coxswain Compliance
138 High Pulse Radio Frequency (HPRF) Vessel Stopping
139 Small Vessel Stopping by Polymer Kelp
140 Mini-Distributed Sound and Light Array (DSLA) Evaluation
141 Web Based SF-538 System
142 Assessment and Technology Demonstration of Submerged Glider Technology to provide Low-cost, Tactically-focused, MDA across Multiple CG Missions
143 Diesel Engine Emission Compliance Research
144 Environmentally Friendly Lube and Hydraulic Oil study
145 Lube and fuel Oil Engine Condition Monitoring
146 Investigation of Vessel Biofouling Prevention & Management Options to Minimize the Transport of Non-Indigenous Species
147 Automatic Boat Registration Number Reader
148 Detection and Collection of Oil within the Water Column
149 Diesel Outboard Development
150 Equipment Surge Risk Assessment Tool
151 Clear Signal to Boaters to STOP - STOP SIGN
152 Existing Wrecks Response
153 Innovation in Oil in Ice Response
154 Oil Sand Product Response
156 Guide for Application: Finite Element Analysis in Design and Assessment of Ship Structures
157 Differences between Corrosion Fatigue and Fatigue of Corroding Structures
158 Application of a Reliability-Based Design Loads Generator (DLG) to Determine Hull Pressure Force for Use in Finite Element Models
159 Ultimate Strength of Ice Class Ship Structures in Intact and Damaged Conditions
160 Ship Structure Defect Significance
161 FRP Boat Evaluation
162 Mono Island and Monito Automated Human Smuggling Detection and Warning System
163 LNG site Introduction To SECTOR AOR Risk to Capability Gap Analysis
164 Emissions of Arctic Ships More Damaging/
167 Centralized Plug-and-Play Camera and Sensor Feed System
168 USCG Cutter Tailored Fire Hazard Analysis (FHA)
169 Accumulation of Radium on Surfaces in Barges
170 Optimal Boat Personnel Restraint Systems By Mission Parameters
171 Field Data Collection Tool
172 Kill-Switches for Boats
173 Shock Mitigation in Boats
174 Lighting Standards for Dark Adaptation
175 Boat Stress Monitor
176 Long-Range Wireless Network: Boarding Team to Cutter
177 Operation Assessment of Migrating CG C2 Infrastructure to the Common User Interface (CUI) and the Ozone Widget Framework
178 Transponder Over The Air Rekeying (OTAR)/ Over the Air Transmission (OTAT) for EAIS BFT
179 Arctic AIS / Iridium Interface
180 Arctic Communications
181 Automated Tracking System Mobile (ATS-Mobile)
182 Underwater Latent Fingerprinting
183 Merge Integrated Aids to Navigation Information System (IATONIS) with Aviation Logistics Management System (ALMIS)
184 CG-specific Application Specific Messages (ASM)
185 HCS / Transponder / Nav System / Autopilot interface
186 C2 Core/FINDE Pilot Study
187 Communication Networks Modeling and Simulation Tool
188 AIS Transmit via Non-NAIS Systems
189 Use of NAIS to detect DGPS/GPS positioning/time anomalies
190 Develop AIS Four-Channel Base Station Solution
191 R21 Coverage in Low Level Sites (Possible Cadet project)
192 Sectorized AIS Receive Antennas
193 Virtual Aids to Navigation via Nationwide AIS(possible Coast Guard Academy Cadet project)
194 The migration of the Coast Guard's Homeport Internet Portal (HIP) to the DHS Homeland Security Information Network (HSIN) project.
195 Electro-Optics/Infrared  Cameras Utilizing Laser Gated Intensified (LGI) Technology
196 Automatic Transport of SAR Patterns(Possible Cadet project)
197 Human Performance Modeling
198 Human Injury and Treatment Modeling on Coast Guard cutters.
199 Model Migrant Events on Coast Guard cutters
200 Engineering to Enhance the Resilience of the Built Environment - Regional Energy Vulnerability Assessment
201 Persistent Surveillance Using Land, Marine and Overlapping Mobile and EOIR Sensor Systems

Contact Information

Sponsor/Director of DHSSRC

CDR J. Marc Aparicio, USCG
Systems Engineering Dept
Bullard Hall


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