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The current year portfolio reflects the DHS/USCG Research and Development Center’s biggest research challenges and are fully funded.  Contact CDR Aparicio for additional information.

FY13 RDT&E Funded

Branch AreaProject #ProjectStatus
ASA5919Evaluate Risk Associated with Port/Waterway Closures 
7512PROTECT and Other Deterrence Models 
7928Analysis in Support of Transition 
9364Ergonomics Analysis of Communications Centers (COMMCENs) 
9995Acquisition Support & Analysis (ASA) Branch 
Aviation1005Develop Search Sweep Width Data for Search Objects on Ice 
1101SAR Distress Signaling Methods and Alternatives 
7607Automated Target Detection for CG FMV Sensor 
7802Vertical Unmanned Aerial Systems (VUAS) Flight Demonstration Off the National Security Cutter (NSC) 
7804Shipboard Small UAS Capability Demonstration 
9992Aviation Branch Support 
C4ISR2013-036Coastal Surveillance System (CSS) 
5203Boat Crew Communication Capabilities StudyCompleted
5704Non-Compliant Vessel (NCV) Video Recorder 
5707Non-Compliant Vessel (NCV) Contraband Marker 
6206Alternative Precise Network Timing 
6208Arctic HF Communications Technology Assessments 
8105Mobile Asset Tracking & Reporting Device 
8106Analysis of Solid State Marine RadarCompleted
8108Assessment of Migrating CG C2 Infrastructure to the Common User Interface (CUI) and the Ozone Widget FrameworkOn Hold
8305Advanced COMINT Technology 
9991C4ISR Branch Support 
E&W2701Risk Assessment Methodology to Support USATON Design Changes 
4101Ballast Water Treatment (BWT) Project 
4153Recovery of Heavy Oil 
4702Detection and Collection of Oil within the Water Column 
9993E&W Branch Support 
M&S COE2013.005Panga Search Planning Tools/Position Calculation Analysis 
7507Optimizing RADAR & Electro-Optical Sensors 
7520Support Development of COAST 
7927Systems Analysis and Optimization of CGMOES 
9997MSCOE Branch Support 
N/AShort Term Modeling & Simulation Support Efforts (M&S COE Tasks) 
Surface4103Operational Testing of Alternative Fuels 
5103Cost Benefit Analysis of Boat Lifts 
56411Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate Small Vessel Entanglement 
6204Arctic Craft Investigation 
6207Arctic Shield 2012 Capabilities Documentation 
6209Arctic Operations Support 2013 
6507Anti-icing Technologies Investigation 
7747Laser Deposited Nonskid (LDN) Analysis 
7805Evaluation of 270’ WMEC Pitch/RPM Schedules 
7924Tactical Flotation & Buoyancy 
9994Surface Branch Support 
Miscellaneous99961Composite Strategic Investment Teams 
N/AShort Term Analytical Support Efforts (REACT Reports) 
N/AUSCG Search for the BEAR 

FY13 Externally Funded


Branch Area

Project #ProjectStatus
Branch AreaProject #ProjectStatus
AC&I2013.035C-144 Video and Mission Processor (VAMP) 
2013.037NSC Side Davit Launch and Recovery Simulation 
2411Nationwide AIS Acquisition 
7603Operational Testing of ESS 
7604Support for H-65 Radar Replacement 
7750ESS GEOPOINT Accuracy Testing 
7806MH-65 Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS) Sustainability Study 
OE2013.018Development of a Modernized IMO GMDSS 
2301Project Navigation 2025 Prototype Implementation 
2413AIS Transmit Capability 
2419NAIS Technical Forum and Performance Analysis Support 
2784General Engineering Laboratory Support 
3402Command Center Capability Analysis Support 
4109Vessel Energy Efficiency Baselining Tool 
5113Preliminary Business Case Analysis – Small Boat Stations 
7519ORAM DOMICE Model Improvement 
7521ECAT Modeling to Evaluate CG Display Design 
7608USCG Airborne Radar Lateral Range Curves for SAROPS 
7748Underwater Imaging System Transition EvaluationCompleted
7749IP Based Communications Interface Systems Assessment 
7926Maritime Security Operations Mission Analysis Report 
Other Government Agencies3329CSSC Marine Safety Risk Analysis 
41012GLRI BWT Shipboard Approval Tests 
410131Shipboard Compliance of Ballast Water Discharge Standards (BWDS) 
410132Develop CG Guidance to Verify Ballast Water Discharge Standards Compliance 
410133Analysis Support for the Mandated Periodic & Practicability Reviews of Ballast Water Standards 
410142Investigation of Ballast Water Treatment’s Effect on Corrosion 
410143Asian Carp Towboat/Barge Sampling Study 
4701Response to Oil in Ice 
5802Maritime Trace Narcotic Identification/Verification 
DHS S&T5682Mobile 10-print Biometric Field Test 

FY13 Additional R&D

Branch AreaProject #ProjectStatus

2012.038Lighting Assessment for the Cutter Bridge 
2013.006Method to Evaluate Command Center Capabilities 
2013.032Develop In Situ Devices to Enable Protection of Sunken Military Vessels 

2012.001Airborne Oil Spill Remote Sensing and Reporting 
2013.004Evaluate Technologies to Optimize CG tactical Data Transmission 
2013.010Next Generation (NG) 911 to USCG Responder Demonstration 
2013.012Prototype Hoax Location System Development 
2013.013Identify Navigation, Communications, and Detection Equipment for Ice Rescue Teams 
2013.017Evaluate Rotary Wing Surface Search Radar (SSR) 
2013.025Assess Electro-Optics/Infrared Cameras Utilizing Laser Gated Intensified (LGI) Technology
C4ISR 2013.007Selection and Testing of Solid State Radar for VTS 

2011.024Oil Spill Response Technology Gaps 
2013.014Develop an Environmentally Friendly Buoy Mooring System 
2013.021Detect DGPS/GPS Positioning/Time Anomalies through NAIS 
2013.022Existing Wrecks Potential Spill Response Assessment 
2013.029Develop NAIS “Bear-Proof” Box for Alaska 
MSCOE2012.033CGMOES Next Generation 
2013.009Communication Networks Modeling and Simulation Tool 

2013.026Cocaine Purity and Signature Test 
2013.027Operations Quality Assurance System (OQAS) 
2013.030Underwater Latent Fingerprinting 

Contact Information

Sponsor/Director of DHSSRC

CDR J. Marc Aparicio, USCG
Systems Engineering Dept
Bullard Hall


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