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E2O Operational Decision-making

NPS Student(s)

Graduation/Publication Date


NPS Faculty


LT Crystal Miller, USN

2013 - June 

Alternative Energy Systems for Maritime Prepositioning Force Operations

Professors Andy Hernandez and Dan Nussbaum

Maj Brandon Newell

LT Matthew McClure, USN

2013 - June 

 A Systems Engineering Feasibility Study of Scaled Geothermal Power

Professors Fernand Marquis and Andy Hernandez

Maj Brandon Newell

LT Ryan Langham, USN2013 - June 

Feasibility Study and System Architecture of Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generation Power Systems for USMC Forward Operating Bases 

Professors Fernand Marquis and Gene PauloMaj Brandon Newell

LT Daniel Hogue, USN; LTJG Sarah Gregory, USN

2013 - June 


MEMS-Based Waste Vibrational Energy Harvester


Professors Dragoslav Grbovic and Gamani KarunasiriMaj Brandon Newell
LT Jason Downs, USN2013 - June 

Novel Synthesis of 3D Graphene-CNF Electrode Architectures for Supercapacitor Applications

Professors Claudia Luhrs and Dragoslav Grbovic

Capt Anthony Ripley

LT Russell Canty, USN2013 - Sept

Nitrogen Doped Graphene and its Use as Electrodes in Supercapacitor Devices

Professors Claudia Luhrs and Sebastian OsswaldCapt Anthony Ripley 

Capt Joshua Kapp, USMC

2013 - Sept

 Analysis of Advanced Battery Technology for USMC Expeditionary Tactical Information Systems

Professors Sebastian Osswald and Alexander Bordetsky

Capt Anthony Ripley

Capstone Project

2013 - Sept

SE CAPSTONE I: Expeditionary Energy Efficiency in Support of Foreign Humanitarian Aid/Disaster Relief

Professors Gene Paulo and Paul Beery

Ms. Gayle Von Eckartsberg

Capstone Project - Team "Super Group"2013 - DecSE CAPSTONE II: Exploring the Reduction of Fuel Consumption for Ship-To-Shore Connectors of the Marine Expeditionary BrigadeProfessors Gene Paulo and Paul Beery

Ms. Gayle Von Eckartsberg

Capt Jason Ciarcia, USMC

2013 - Dec

New Media, Technology Frames, and the Adoption of Sustainable Energy Technologies by the U.S. Marine Corps - Part I: Key Drivers of Marines' Willingness to Adopt Energy Efficient Technologies

Professors Kathryn Aten and Douglas Brinkley

Ms. Gayle Von Eckartsberg

LT Dan Eddy, USN;LT Jonathan Greenwald, USN; MAJ Vinny Nguyen, USN

2013 - Dec

New Media, Technology Frames, and the Adoption of Sustainable Energy Technologies by the U.S. Marine Corps - Part II: Use of Energy Efficient Technologies - USMC Perceptions to Adoption

Professors Kathryn Aten and Becky Jones

Ms. Gayle Von Eckartsberg

Faculty Research: Article2014 - MayA Robust Design Approach to Cost Estimation: Solar Energy for Marine Corps Expeditionary Operations (Proceedings of the 11th Annual Acquisition Research Symposium - Thursday Sessions, Vol II) (article)Authors: Professors Susan Sanchez, Dan Nussbaum, Stephen Upton, Mary McDonald, and NPS student Capt Matthew Morse, USMC

Capt Matthew Morse, USMC

2014 - May

Assessing the Operational Robustness of the HOMER Model for Marine Corps Use in Expeditionary Environments

Professors Dan Nussbaum, Gene Paulo, and Imre Balogh

Capt Anthony Ripley

LT Sian Stimpert, USN 2014 - June Lightening the Load of a USMC Rifle Platoon through Robotic Integration Professors Andy Hernandez and Richard Millar

Capt Anthony Ripley

LCDR Nomer Gatchalian, USN; LT Donald McIntyre, USN; and LCDR Matthew Reed, USN 

2014 - June

 New Media - Part III: The Use of Social Media to Maximize Energy Performance in the United States Marine Corps

Professors Kathryn Aten and Gail Thomas

Ms. Gayle Von Eckartsberg

Capt Doug Columbus, USMC2014 - June

Design and Optimization of Copper Indium Gallium Selenide Solar Cells for Lightweight Battlefield Application

Professor Sherif Michael 

Capt Anthony Ripley

LT Mark Beale, USN2014 - June  Turning Vanes in Exhaust Duct Flow: Study for Energy Efficiency, Optimization and Pressure Drop MitigationProfessors Sanjeev Sathe and Knox Millsaps

Capt Anthony Ripley

Capt Seamus B. Carey, USMC2014 - June Increasing the Endurance and Payload Capacity of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles with Thin-Film PhotovoltaicsProfessors Sherif Michael and Andy Hernandez

Faculty Research - Executive Brief

2014A Study of Human Factors, Behavior and Operational Energy, FY14 Analysis and Recommendations for the Marine Corps to Increase its Operational ReachProfessors Anita Salem and Ann GallensonMaj Anthony (Tony) McNair
Faculty Research - Summary of Executive Brief2014 - OctA Study of Human Factors, Behavior & Operational Energy in the USMCProfessor Anita Salem
Faculty Research - Technical Report2014 - OctA Study of Human Factors, Behavior and Operational Energy, FY14 Analysis and Recommendations for the Marine Corps to Increase Its Operational ReachProfessors Anita Salem and Ann Gallenson
Faculty Research - Video2014 - OctA Study of Human Factors, Behavior and Operational EnergyProfessors Anita Salem, Mike McCauley, and Andy Hernandez

Capstone Project -  Team Expeditionary

2014 - Dec

SE Capstone III: Operational Energy/Operational Effectiveness (OE2) Investigation for Scalable Marine Expeditionary Brigade (MEB) Forces in Contingency Response Scenarios 

Professors Gene Paulo, Brigitte Kwinn, Paul Beery and Raymond J. MadachyMs. Gayle Von Eckartsberg                                     
Faculty Research - Technical ReportForthcoming
Professor Sherif MichaelCapt Anthony Ripley
LT Nahum Camacho2014 - DecImproving Operational Effectiveness of Tactical Long Endurance Unmanned Air System (TaLEUAS) by Utilizing Solar Power (paper)Professors Vladimir Dobrokhodov and Kevin Jones
LT Nahum Camacho2014 - DecImproving Operational Effectiveness of Tactical Long Endurance Unmanned Air System (TaLEUAS) by Utilizing Solar Power (thesis)
Professors Vladimir Dobrokhodov, Kevin Jones, and Isacc Kaminer
LtCol Thomas Atkinson2014 - DecMarine Corps Expeditionary Rifle Platoon Energy BurdenProfessors Richard Millar and Warren Vaneman
LT Shawn Green, USN2015 - JuneInterdigitated Back-surface-contact Solar Cell Modeling using Silvaco AtlasProfessors Sherif Michael and Matthew Porter
Capt Jeffrey Parker, USMC2015 - JuneAn Innovative Approach for the Development of Future Marine Corps Amphibious CapabilityProfessors Susan Sanchez, Paul Beery and Gene Paulo
LCDR Jonathan Gandy, USN2015 - SeptCharacterization of Micron-scale Nanotubular Super Dielectric MaterialsProfessors Jonathan Phillips and Sarath Menon
LT Natalie Jenkins, USN2015 - SeptNovel Capacitor Technology: Optimal Super Dielectric MaterialProfessors Jonathan Phillips and Young Kwon
CAPT Daniel B. Katzman, USMC2015 - SeptDesign and Optimization of Copper Indium Gallium Selenide Thin Film Solar Cells

Professors Sherif Michael and Matthew Porter

Lt David Henton, USN; LT Kurtis Noack, USN2015 - DecBest Practices in Metering and Information: Factors that Facilitate or Hinder Fuel-saving Initiatives and Technology
Professors Anita Salem and Kathryn Aten
 LT Keith Robison, USN2015 - DecBest Practices in Metering and Information: A Human Systems Integration Approach to Energy Efficiency in Ground TransportationProfessors Anita Salem, Andy Hernandez, and Kathryn Aten
Faculty Research - Technical Report2015 - FallIndustry Practices in Metering and MonitoringProfessors Anita Salem, Kathryn Aten, and Ann Gallenson
Capt Mike Herendeen, USMC2015 - DecMovement of Fuel Ashore: Storage, Capacity, Throughput & Distribution AnalysisProfessors Chad Seagren and Ken Doerr
Capstone Project - Team E2O2015 - DecSE Capstone IV: A Methodology to Assess the Benefit of Operational or Tactic Adjustments to Reduce Marine Corps Fuel ConsumptionProfessors Gene Paulo and Susan SanchezCapt Anthony Ripley
LT Robert Fauci, USN2015 - DecPower Management System Design for Solar-powered UASProfessors Kevin Jones and Andy Hernandez 
Capt Jessica Wall, USMC2016 - MarAn Examination of Marine Corps Energy Initiatives and the Supporting Manpower Force StructureProfessors Bill Hatch and Chad Seagren

Capt Jeremy Thomas, USMC2016 - Sept Exploring the Impact of Fuel Data Acquisition Technology on the USMC Expeditionary Energy Command and Control SystemProfessors Kathryn Aten,Anita Salem, Glenn Cook, and Capt Zeb Daniels (USMC)

Capt Greg Zerr

Faculty Research, Technical Report2016 - OctIndependent Review of LAWST V&V ProcessProfessor Steve HallCapt Greg Zerr
LTC Melvin Cheang, Singaporean Navy2016 - Sept Operational Energy Capability Portfolio Analysis for Protection of Maritime Forces Against Small Boat SwarmsProfessors Susan Sanchez, Andy Hernandez and Mattew Boensel

Capt Greg Zerr

Faculty Research - Technical Report2016 - SeptMacroergonomic Analysis of Logistics Resupply Using Autonomous Fuel Supply VehiclesProfessor Karen Holness

Capt Greg Zerr

Capstone V Students: William Robinson (CIV); Reniery Cevallos (CIV); Jeremy Hoff (CIV); Jose M. Martinezcasiano (CIV); Keith j Mccrorey (CIV); Tom Scheurich (CIV)2016 - Dec 

Capstone V: Analysis of energy efficiencies and source tradespace in an A2/AD seabase-to-shore operation with an asymmetric threat

Professor Gene PauloCapt Greg Zerr
Capt Scott Kwiatkowski, USMC; LT Heather Hess, USN2016 - DecA Cost Benefit Analysis of USMC Fuel and Energy Savings Technology: Amphibious Combat VehicleProfessors Robert Eger and Spencer Brien

Capt Greg Zerr

Faculty Research - Technical Report2016 - DecA Systems Engineering Approach for Designing a Power Management System of UAV to Allow for Flexibility in Multi-platform OperabilityProfessors Kevin Jones, Vladimir. Dobrokhodov, and Andy Hernandez

Capt Greg Zerr

Faculty Research - Executive Brief (Student support: Maj Paul Webber, USMC; Capt Angela Grdina, USMC; Capt Jacob Showalter, USMC; Lt Stephen Maraist, USMC; Capt Winston Williams) 2016 - DecEast AFRICOM and Operational Energy Factors: A Concept Paper for Stressor Scenarios in Contingency PlanningProfessor Tom Johnson

Capt Greg Zerr

MAJ Robert Christafore, USMC2017 - JuneGenerating Ship-to-Shore: Bulk Fuel Delivery Schedules for the Marine Expeditionary UnitProfessors Kyle Lim and Michael AtkinsonCapt Greg Zerr
MAJ Jonathan Swan, US Army2017 - JuneAnalysis of the Requirements Generation Process for the Logistics Analysis and Wargame Support Tool (LAWST)Professors Steve Hall and Andy Hernandez
CPT Yuan Wei Soh, Singapore Army2017 - JuneEngineering Resilience into the Marine Expeditionary Unit's Resupply System through Military ForagingProfessors Andy Hernandez and Paul BeeryCapt Greg Zerr
Capt Joe Madren, USMC2017 - JuneOptimized granularity analysis of maximum power point trackers in low power applicationsProfessor Sherif Michael

Capt Greg Zerr

MAJ Jeremy Kang, Singapore Navy2017 - SeptAn Engineered Resupply System for Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief OperationsProfessors Andy Hernandez and Susan Sanchez
Faculty Research - Executive Report2017 - DecemberUSMC SPMAGTF East Africa War Game Energy Parameter DevelopmentProfessor Tom JohnsonCol Brian Magnuson
Maj Daniel Whitt, USMC2017 - DecemberManaging the transformation: a change management strategy for U.S. Marine Corps expeditionary energy initiativesProfessors Kathryn Aten, Anita Salem, and Bryan HudgensCapt Greg Zerr
LT Geoffrey Fastabend, USN2017 - DecemberDevelopment of Optimal Stress Scenarios for New OE Systems during Test and Evaluation through Modeling and SimulationProfessor Andy HernandezMr. Brian Kiviat
Faculty Research, Technical Report2017 - August

Improving Operational Decision-Making: Processes and Tools to Embed Fuel-use Factors in the Marine Corps

Professors Kathryn Aten and Anita Salem. NPS student Maj Daniel Whitt
CPT Erik Kiser, USA2018 - June

The Impact of Technologies and Missions on Contingency Base Fuel Consumption

Professors Gurminder Singh and Arthur KrenerMr. Brian Kiviat
Faculty Research: Executive Report2018 - AugustBlack Sea and Operational Energy Factors: A Proposal to Develop an Energy-based WargameProfessor Tom JohnsonMr. Brian Kiviat
LCDR John Renquist, USN2018 - SeptemberAn Independent Assessment of the Energy Enhancements to the Synthetic Theater Operations Research Model (STORM)Professors Tom Lucas and Andy HernandezMr. Brian Kiviat
Maj Tyrone Barrion, USMC; Capt Dianna Zempel, USMC2018 - December (Zempel); 2019 - March (Barrion)Integration of Regenerative Braking Systems into DoD Tactical Logistics Vehicles and their Potential to Provide a Short-term Power SourceProfessors Nick Dew and Gurminder SinghMr. Brian Kiviat
LCDR David Medici, USN2019 - SeptemberA Sensitivity Analysis of IPOWER: A Small Unit Energy and Mission Planning ToolProfessor Tom Lucas and CDR Matthew GeiserMr. Brian Kiviat
Capstone Students: Rashida Alisa; Mark A. Kotwicki II; Peter J. Marbach2019 - SeptemberAssessing the Impact of Tactical Mission Profiles on the Development of Power Prediction SoftwareProfessors Paul Beery, Andy Hernandez, and Gene PauloMr. Brian Kiviat

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