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If you are having playback interrupted, it's possible that network congestion is preventing smooth playback, or that the video is encoded at a quality setting too high for your current bandwidth.

Most videos will let you download the file to your own computer, where you can then play it locally using Windows Media Player, iTunes, etc.

Look for a link when viewing the video details named "Sharing Options". When clicked, you'll see a panel appear like this, with a link to download the video file.  Be patient, though, as some of the video files can be very large depending on quality and video length.


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  1. Hello. Currently, the links do not provide download/access to the video. I have used multiple browsers and he result is the same. I get a small file which is not the actual video. When I click on the link to open via the browser, I get "Not Found" "The requested URL ... was not found on this server."