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  • Installing DOD Root Certs for Firefox
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Mozilla Firefox is a free and open source web browser that is managed by Mozilla Corporation. Mozilla Thunderbird is a free, open source, cross-platform e-mail and news client developed by the Mozilla Foundation. The DoD Firefox & Thunderbird Add-ons extend each of these applications to streamline and simplify your DoD and experiences. Visit this page for DOD Configuration tool


You need to have the proper certificates installed on your computer to watch encrypted video.  Your browser must trust these DOD-issued certificates or else you may get an error or simply not see the player at all.

Step 1.

Download and run the proper certificates

Install DOD Root Certificates

Step 2.

You want to install the 3 certificates highlighted below

Step 2.

A popup like this below should appear when you select each of the following certificates.

  • If popup unavailable perform the following:
    1. Restart Firefox
    2. Tools>Options>Advanced>Certificates>View Certificates ->Authorities
    3. Adjust certificate settings to trust DOD CA-2, DOD CA-27, and DOD CA-28

You want to check "Trust this CA to identify websites"

Press ok when checked

Please do this for all 3 certificates

Step 3.

In order for the certificates to be applied, you need to clear out the cached web content on your browser.

Mac Instructions

With Firefox being selected in Finder:

  • Click Firefox in the upper left-hand corner
  • Click Preferences
  • Click Advanced Tab
  • Press Network under the Advanced Tab 
  • Under Cached Web Content, press Clear Now.
  • Shut down Firefox and reopen it
PC Instructions

In the Firefox Menu Bar:

  • Click Tools
  • Click Options
  • Click Advanced Tab
  • Under Advanced Tab click the Network Tab
  • Under Cached Web Content click Clear Now
  • Press Ok
  • Shut down Firefox and reopen it

You should be able to view encrypted video streams that use SSL certificates issued by the Department of Defense now.

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