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The Visible Human

Visualizing Human Anatomy using Very High Quality Renderings with Maya+RenderMan

In this video, we examine the upper posterior nervous, circulatory, and lymphatic systems, as well as examining the complex structures of the soft palate using complex lighting, camera and shader animations. The video was animated using Pixar's Renderman Studio for Maya and rendered using Pixar's RendermanPro Server Render Farm.

This is a multi-bitrate encoding, and the video player will automatically select the best speed for the viewer's connection.  Because of this, the stream is available to Flash clients only - HTML5 is not supported.  The formats are as follows:

  • 800 kb/s, 700x350 pixels 
  • 1500 kb/s, 992x560 pixels
  • 2500 kb/s, 1920x1080 pixels (native res)

HTML Embed Code

<iframe class="uve" scrolling="no" type="text/html" seamless="true" width="793" height="457" frameborder="0" allowFullScreen="true" webkitallowfullscreen="true" mozallowfullscreen="true" src=""></iframe>

The Visible Human - Mobile Device Compatible

These are single-stream versions of the same content - they are available in a single non-adaptive bitrate.   If the flash player is not supported, the embedder will automatically switch to an HTML5 Video based player that is compatible with mobile devices.

Flash / HTML5 Video Stream at 800kbps

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  1. Unknown User (jdweekle) - Jeff, if you're ok with the encoding, the embed code you need to add this to your own site is located above.     It takes me a bit more work to get this going with the public portal.

  2. Unknown User (jdweekle)


    Thanks for this. It looks fine enough to me transcoded in FFMPEG and playing in MPlayer...not as good as the 4K though (smile).

    I will work with MOVES folks to get a public facing, embedded version up on the MOVES website, so no point in putting it on the NPS portal as well.

  3. Sounds good Jeff... yes, you are setting the bar kind of high with your 4k video.   We do what we can, though.  (wink)

  4. Unknown User (jdweekle) – Hi Jeff, I updated this page with two new blocks of HTML, which will be a video stream at two different bitrates, 800kbps and 2500kbps, which are flash and html5 compatible (works with browsers and mobile devices).  

  5. Unknown User (jdweekle)

    Todd - thanks for these extra encodings. I am a big fan of HTML5 and anytime I can move content away from Flash-based players, I am usually willing to trade VBR for cross-platform. Knowing the final encoding target(s) can also help me tune my content on the authoring side, as well. These particular visualizations with slow-steady camera movements are harder for VBRs to handle, anyway as each frame is unique. I'm not sure how you have your FFMPEG transcoder configured, but intra-frame compression is good for this stuff, versus long-GOP or interframe.

    In any case, thanks (smile)


    I can tell you very interesting tales about the "behind the scenes" on this fabulous project initiated by the National Library of Medicine.  Let's just say I don't look at the freezer section of the grocery very often any more (smile)