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We're sorry that you're having issues with viewing protected video content.   This page may help viewers who are experiencing issues, and provide support contact information if you still need assistance.

Video Authentication Overview

The NPS video streaming service supports secure, authenticated streaming, and viewers have the choice to authenticate using their NPS User Credentials, or any DOD/USG CAC.  Most issues encountered are due to the DOD root certificates not being trusted in the browser (see below).

Authenticated Streaming Test Video

The video below requires authentication and can be used to help test your browser configuration.   If you haven't already authenticated, you'll be sent to the NPS Video Authentication Service (VAS), and then return to this page once you've identified yourself.

Most Important - Configure the Browser to Trust the DOD Root Certificates

It's important that your browser fully trusts the root SSL certificates being used by this service.  You'll most likely have errors on other websites as well if you don't trust the DOD roots.  This wiki page has information on how to install and trust the DOD root certificates, needed to properly use most secure websites in DOD.

Problems Authenticating with Your NPS Account

Most of the problems with using your NPS credentials for authentication are caused by forgotten passwords, or a temporarily locked account (due to multiple failed attempts).

  • Use the NPS Password website to recover your password, or unlock your NPS account.
  • Contact the NPS Technology Assistance Center (TAC) at 831-656-1046 for further assistance.

CAC Login Error Message: Client Certificate Required or Revoked

This error occurs when your web browser wasn't able to find any valid certificates to present to the server. There are several possible causes of this problem:

  • The DOD root certificates are not installed on the computer.
  • The client certificate has expired or the effective time has not been reached.
  • The client certificate has been revoked.
  • You don't have a card reader attached to your workstation.


  • The most common fix to this problem is by installing the DOD root certificates (see above for the link). 
  • Sometimes Outlook and the web browser may have a conflict with using the smart card libraries. Close Outlook and all browser windows and try to authenticate again.
  • Make sure that you're presenting the correct certificate when asked - the EMAIL certificate on your CAC will not work for this web application.
  • If you have a new card, it's possible the webserver at the Naval Postgraduate School doesn't recognize it (yet). Please contact us with your CAC details.

Getting More Help

If the troubleshooting steps above didn't resolve your issue - then please contact with as much info as possible about your CAC, including your browser and O/S details, and we'll do our best to assist.