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All of the papers can be downloaded at this page: Research Papers

If it is your turn to lead the article discussion, please read Leading Discussion of a Research Paper.

2: 9 April

Multi-Robot Overview

Distributed Intelligence: Overview of the Field and its Application in Multi-Robot Systems, Lynne E. Parker

K. Williams

N. Koeppen

3: 16 April

Behavior-Based Control

Designing and Understanding Adaptive Group Behavior, Maja J. Mataric

J. Shapiro

M. Audette

4: 23 April

Behavior-Based Control

STP: skills, tactics, and plays for multi-robot control in adversarial environments, B. Browning et al.

A. Hahn

J. Sale

5: 30 AprilSystem-theoretic control

Simultaneous Localization and Mapping: Part 1, H. Durrant-Whyte and T. Bailey

B. Keegan

K. Alsup

6: 7 MaySystem-theoretic control

Cooperative control of mobile sensor networks: adaptive gradient climbing in a distributed environment, Ogren, Fiorelli and Leonard

J. Komma

N. Wachlin

7: 14 May


 Multi-AUV control and adaptive sampling in Monterey Bay, E. Fiorelli et al.

B. Lovdahl

J. Malia

8: 21 May


Collaborative Unmanned Operations for Maritime Security, Peter Drewes and Jerry Franke
Flight and In-Water Experiments of Autonomy and Human Interface Technologies with Multiple Unmanned Systems, M. Steinberg

A. Stalford

L. Van Houtte

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