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1: 2 April


SS-DTE Challenge

Lecture Slides: lec-w1-intro.pdf

Issue laptops, create user accounts

Overview of Tools: Linux+Git+ROS+MATLAB


Lecture Slides: lec-w1-tools.pdf
Due 1700: Assignment 1: Linux and Git Introduction
2: 9 April

Multi-Robot Overview
Meet in WA-150

Reading Due: Distributed Intelligence: Overview of the Field and its Application in Multi-Robot Systems, Lynne E. Parker

Preview Assignment 2

Lecture Slides:

ROS Overview

How to use ROS Tutorials


Due 1700: Assignment 2: ROS Tutorials Part 1
3: 16 April

Behavior-Based Control
Meet in WA-150

Reading Due: Designing and Understanding Adaptive Group Behavior, Maja J. Mataric

Lecture Slides: w3-ros.pdf

NPS ARSENL's 50-plane Mission Playback

Review Assignment 2
Preview Assignment 3

Consider going to one or more of the CRUSER TechCon events this week!

ROS: Topics, services, roslaunch, rosbag



Due 1700: Assignment 3: ROS Tutorials Part 2
4: 23 April

Behavior-Based Control
Meet in WA-150

Reading Due: STP: skills, tactics, and plays for multi-robot control in adversarial environments, B. Browning et al.

Lecture Slides: w4-matlab-ros-control.pdf



ROS and Gazebo

Simple Waypoint Control



Due 1700: Assignment 4
5: 30 AprilSystem-theoretic control

Reading Due: Simultaneous Localization and Mapping: Part 1, H. Durrant-Whyte and T. Bailey

From Simulation to Hardware

Control Review

Single Robot Control

Pioneer Checkout

Lecture Slides: w5-robothardware.pdf

Video: Pioneer waypoint navigation with rviz

6: 7 MayNo Class on Monday!

System-theoretic control

USV Example:

Reading Due: Cooperative control of mobile sensor networks: adaptive gradient climbing in a distributed environment, Ogren, Fiorelli and Leonard

Due 1700: Assignment 5
7: 14 May


  Reading Due: Multi-AUV control and adaptive sampling in Monterey Bay, E. Fiorelli et al.

Lecture Slides: turtlebot_navigation.pdf


Mapping, localization and path-planning



8: 21 May


No ClassNo Class

Due 1700: Assignment 6

9: 28 May

Memorial Day Holiday

No Class

Multi-Robot Implementation

Due 1700: Assignment 7
10: 4 June

Multi-Robot Navigation


Reading Due: Collaborative Unmanned Operations for Maritime Security, Peter Drewes and Jerry Franke
Flight and In-Water Experiments of Autonomy and Human Interface Technologies with Multiple Unmanned Systems, M. Steinberg

Multi-Robot Navigation
Leader-Follower via AMCL and Simulink

Lecture Notes: turtlebot_multi_nav.pdf

Video Demonstration:

Due 1700: Assignment 8
11: 11 June

Last Day of Class

Class debrief

Slides: w11-wrapup.pdf

Thesis and Research Week


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