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Cooperative Control of Multiple Autonomous Vehicles (ME4823)
Short Course 19-1


Group Meetings, Tuesdays 10/9, 10/16, 10/23, 11/6 at 1600

WebsiteME4823: Multi Robot Control (MRC) (Search for "me4823")
10/16Assignment 1: Introduction to Linux and Git
10/23Assignment 2: ROS tutorials, part 1

Assignment 3: ROS tutorials, part 2 AND

Assignment 4: ROS-MATLAB interface and Gazebo

Getting Started
  1. Checkout a laptop
  2. Create a user account (directions on course wiki, under assignment 1)
    1. Logon with default credentials
    2. Create new admin (sudo) account
    3. Switch to new user account
  3. Start Assignment 1
    1. Do the reading, in front of a computer







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