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Department of Systems Engineering Faculty


Dr. Cliff Whitcomb

Associate Chair for Research

Dr. Robert Harney

Associate Chair for Operations

Mr. Matt Boensel

Associate Chair for Instruction

Dr. Gene Paulo

Associate Chair for Distributed Programs and Outreach

Dr. Wally Owen

Academic Associates:

Dr. Paul Montgomery, Curriculum 232/282

Mr. Mark Stevens, Curriculum 308

Dr. Ronald Giachetti, Curriculum 311

Mr. Mark Stevens, Curriculum 580

Dr. Eugene Paulo, Curriculum 581

Dr. Kristin Giammarco, Curriculum 721

Program Officers:

Mr. Ronald Carlson, Curriculum 232

Dr. Walter Owen, Curriculum 282 and 721

LCDR Keith Littrell, USN, Curriculum 308 

Mr. Joseph W. Sweeney III, Curriculum 311 - Open Enrollment

Ms. Brigitte Kwinn, Curriculum 311 - Sponsored Cohorts (non-NAVAIR)

Mr. Ronald Carlson, Curriculum 311 - NAVAIR

CDR Michael Porter, USN, Curriculum 580

Dr. Paul Montgomery, Curriculum 581


NPS SE Department Staff 

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