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Department of Systems Engineering Research & Writing Information



SE Patrons of the New NPS Writing Center 

by Barbara Berlitz 

The NPS Writing Center launched August 2013 with the assistance of two from the Systems Engineering Department. Ms. Mary Vizzini, Lecturer, and Ms. Barbara Berlitz, Senior Lecturer, both instructors of the SE 3810 seminar series and departmental writing instructors, were members of the NPS Writing Center Curriculum Committee. Ms. Vizzini searched all the videos, presentations, and other materials on writing standards across NPS departments available on the intranet. From that extensive survey, she selected suitable materials for the Writing Center Resources list now on the center’s website. Ms. Berlitz surveyed outside writing center websites, books and worksheets to gather materials for the writing center resources and its reference collection located in the center on the first floor of Dudley Know Library. Ms. Berlitz continues as a workshop presenter for the writing center including sessions for DL.

In future issues of the e-Newsletter, Ms. Berlitz will review a book from the NPS Writing Center collection that will be of value to systems engineers and writers of technical reports and papers.


Berlitz, Barbara (CIV)

RefWorks for Students and Alumni

by Glen Koué

Are you looking for a tool to help you manage your references? RefWorks is an online tool that allows you to collect, organize, annotate citations and add them to Word documents. In most cases you will be able to import reference, eliminating the need to enter them by hand. But you will still need to proofread them. It can format citations and bibliographies in all styles. The Library’s Citation Management with RefWorks guide can help you get started and has many links to online support and training. We offer a RefWorks workshop in the Library. The sooner you start using RefWorks the more time you will have to build your reference database and take advantage of it while you are at NPS. We make RefWorks available to alumni so your account will remain active after you graduate. I would be happy to answer any questions you have about RefWorks or the Library.


Glen Koué is the Library liaison for Systems Engineering. He is available for research consultations and to provide instruction in the classroom on how to use the Library and its resources.

Koue, Glen (CIV)



Systems Engineering Research Guide

NPS Alumni Library Access

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