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This tutorial describes how to get multiple simulated Pioneer AT platforms running in Gazebo.


Single P3AT: Gazebo, RVIZ and Keyboard Control

Terminal 1: Start gazebo simulator, spawn the P3AT model (using the robot description from amr_robots), start publisher nodes and start rviz

roslaunch nre_p3at p3at.gazebo.launch 

Terminal 2: Start a keyboard controller that issues commands to the simulated P3AT

rosrun teleop_twist_keyboard cmd_vel:=/sim_p3at/cmd_vel

Changing the World

The p3at.gazebo.launch file is setup to take and argument called "world_name" which you can use to specify the Gazebo world model.  Gazebo comes with some default world models which are typically stored in the directory /usr/share/gazebo-2.2/worlds.  Here is an example of how to provide an argument to use a different world.

roslaunch nre_p3at p3at.gazebo.launch world_name:=worlds/

Can you drive out from under the shape?

How would you change the initial position of the robot?

Multiple Robots N=2

Terminal 1: Start Gazebo, controllers, etc.

roslaunch nre_p3at multip3at.gazebo.launch 

Terminal 2: Drive robot p0

rosrun teleop_twist_keyboard cmd_vel:=/p0/cmd_vel

Terminal 3: Drive robot p1

rosrun teleop_twist_keyboard cmd_vel:=/p1/cmd_vel
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