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LIDAR+Camera Robotic Perception Research DatasetWatson, Andrew (CIV)Dec 07, 2017
3DR Solo Dev Guide/Dronekit Python on Ubuntu 14.04Williams, Alexander (Alex) (LCDR)Aug 07, 2017
Watson & Williams MRC Final ProjectWilliams, Alexander (Alex) (LCDR)Jun 09, 2017
Using Dronekit Python on Ubuntu 14.04Williams, Alexander (Alex) (LCDR)May 11, 2017
Husky Control in GazeboBingham, Brian (CIV)Sep 06, 2016
Flying a Parrot Drone with ROS and MatlabTesta, Joseph (Joe) (LT)Jun 13, 2016
ARDrone, MATLAB, ROS and Piksi RTK-GPS moduleBingham, Brian (CIV)Mar 02, 2016
Multiple Clearpath Husky robotis in Gazebo with MATLAB controlBingham, Brian (CIV)Mar 02, 2016

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