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In this example we illustrate how to use a joystick for robot control.  For this example the robot and the joystick are connected to a single computer.


Demonstration: Joystick control of P3AT from single PC

For the purposes of this example, we assume that everything is done from a single computer

  • Connect the computer to the Pioneer using a USB-to-serial adapter (/dev/ttyUSB0) 
  • Connect the computer to a Logitech F310 gampad via USB.

First you will need to connect to the robot. See the directions on P3AT checkout which culminates in opening a terminal window and executing...

Launch Robot
roslaunch nre_p3at complete.launch 

Next launch the joystick.  Open a new terminal window and execute...

Launch Joy
roslaunch nre_joy teleop_ugv_joy_p3at.launch 

Now you should be able to drive the P3AT using the left joystick on the F310.

The node/topic graph (rqt_graph) looks like this...




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