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Task List for Pioneer Platform Preparation - Spring 2017

  • Platform refurbishment -
    • Battery assessment and replacement  Jacobs, Steven (CIV)
    • Create shared document to track status of Pioneer fleet: battery status (when replaced), sonar, installed sensors, etc.
  • New CPUs
    • Install dev. env. and test Watson, Andrew (CIV)
    • Imaging drives with standard environment
    • Mech./elec. integration
  • Microstrain IMU/GPS
    • Driver development Bingham, Brian (CIV)
      • Collaboration with NRL
    • Mech/elec integration, evaluation of mounting location for magnetic issues
    • ROS integration and field testing - testing on UGVs
  • Laser scanner
    • Mech/elec integration, including heat sink fabrication Jacobs, Steven (CIV)
    • ROS integration and field testing
  • Kinect 
  • Camera 
    • Investigate options for ROS-compliant camera integration 
  • Laptops
    • Image dev. evn. on new laptops
  • Wireless
    • Install range extenders and survey outdoor wireless for Halligan test range.


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