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Setup on CarPC (This is currently done on Pioneer robot P2)

  • Establish internet connection
  • sudo apt-get install ros-indigo-usb-cam
  • Add frl user to video group sudo usermod -a -G video frl
  • Add a launch file - the launch file usb_cam.launch is included in the nre_p3at ROS package.
  • Connect the USB camera
    • By default, this should be associated with the device /dev/video0 which is a parameter in the launch file
    • Change the permissions so that everyone can access the device sudo chmod 0666 /dev/video0
  • Calibration
  • Add a line to the base_pioneer.launch file...

    This puts the nodes/topics in the robot's namespace.

  • Restart the nre process

  • Verify that the node started with rosnode list .  You should see the usb_cam node

Accessing Camera Remotely

Assuming you have remote access to the nodes/topics on the robot, e.g., from your laptop

  • Use rosnode list, rostopic list, rosrun rqt_topic rqt_topic, etc.  to make sure you can see the camera topics.
  • Use the image_view viewer to see what the camera sees:

    This should bring up a window to view the feed...

  • Note: there is a GUI version of the viewer that might prove useful:


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  1. You should be able to trigger the ROS node to immediately save an image to a file (such as when your RFID reader detects a mine) using the service:

           save (std_srvs/Empty)  Save images, you need to set save_all_images to false