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You will need to give yourself a local administrator user account.

  1. Login to the computer using the  "Field Robotics Lab" (frl) account with the standard password.  This is an administrator account.
  2. Access the "User Accounts".  Click on Dash (upper left corner)

    to search for "System Settings" - click on System Settings

    and then on Users Accounts to bring up a window like this...

  3. Add your own new account
    To add an account you need to click on the upper right corner of the User Accounts window where it says Unlock. You will then be prompted the frl password. 
    Then click on the plus sign "+" in the lower left to add yourself.

    Make sure to change the Account Type to Administrator.  Add your full name and make a username that you would like to use.

  4. Enable the account.
    When you return the the User Accounts window and you have your new account selected, you will notice that under Login Options -> Password it says "Account Disabled".  Click on "Account Disabled" to set your password.
  5. Logout
    Now logout of the frl account (click on upper right corner of the screen)
  6. Login with your new user account.


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