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More than 1,000 students, parents and members of the NPS community packed King Auditorium Saturday morning where they received a call from the Space Shuttle Discovery orbiting more than 200 miles into space part of the NPS Centennials Education Downlink STS-131, Teaching from Space event.

"NASAs very charter includes educational outreach as one of its important activities," said Newman, a member of four space shuttle flights from 1993-2002. "With its goals of exploration and discovery, it has been recognized since NASAs inception that the space program provides a unique opportunity to motivate young people. Science, math, and engineering can be difficult subjects, and we as a country need to offer many reasons why kids should study hard in school. I think that NASAs human spaceflight program and its science and robotics programs are some good reasons ... And, in the end, it is rocket science."

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NPS POCs James Newman, Dan Bursch, John Phillips, Space Systems

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