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Happy Tuesday!

Here is a brief look at what we will see in the Sakai upgrade this Summer. This upgrade will happen in the second week of summer break, the week of June 24-28. More info on the logistics of that upgrade to follow!

  • Optional Email reminder to students 24 hours from due date, goes to students who have not submitted
  • Improved group assignment and assessment selection. Groups can be searched in the drop-down menu
  • In gradebook, you will be able to exclude an individual item from a single students’ grade.
  • Roster Tool: Card Layout has been sped up, they will be scrollable.
  • Rubrics: Integrated with Assignments, Gradebook, T&Q, and forums
  • Test &Quizzes -
    • Interface changes
    • Working copy will be Draft, published are published
    • Filter by all, draft, published, active, inactive
    • Filter by group
    • Easier to select groups for assigning
  • JSF Upgrade –  Javaserver faces – makes future improvements easier
    • Chat
    • Test
    • Forums


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