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In Sakai, we use two different tools to display participant information in a course: Site Info and Roster. These two tools are designed for slightly different purposes, but they overlap quite a bit. We find a lot of confusion with what each does and I want to try to answer some frequent questions about them.

Note that the availability of the Roster and Site Info Tool to student view is at the discretion of the instructor.  Site Info is always available for you to view and is hard-coded into your course menu options and can't be removed. However, making it available for student's view is your decision. 


What can we do with Roster? What's it for? 

If available for students, you can view the photos of course participants, as well as view their classmates' usernames, email addresses, and what group they belong to (if any). Of course all of this is contingent on those permissions being set.  


Instructors can view this information in Rosters, and additionally, instructors can view the permissions for how each role views the rosters, and they can download a spreadsheet with the roster information. The one think we don't do in Rosters is add or remove students. There are institutions that use the Roster to manage student enrollment, but here at NPS we use Site Info.  


What can we do with Site Info? What's it for? 

If you have permission to view it, Site Info for students will list the term for the course, the direct-link URL, your instructor's contact information, and any group information that you have in your course.  


Instructors get a different view of Site Info; for you it's the control panel for your course. Not only can you see your course participants, you can add, remove, and deactivate them. In Site Info you can write your Overview page, add and remove tools from the toolbar, Manage Groups, manage publication of your site, and view when and how students were added to the site. Here's a short list of the tools that are most relevant to instructors in Site Info: 

Edit Site Information

This tool lets you write a customized message, in Overview, that your students will see as they log into the course. You can also update the POC info for the course.

Manage Tools

Manage tools allows you to select which tools will be available to your students in the left menu. Select or de-select using the check box as you need. Here you can also enable "Math Jax" and you can enable drop-down subpages to the Lessons tool, if desired.

Tool Order

Tool order lets you rename and reorder tools, and make them invisible to student's view. Here you can also re-link web content tools that are linked to outside web pages.

Add Participants

Instructors can use this tool to add participants to the site. You may think that adding your students to your courses is an automated process, but this is now we do it!

Manage Groups

Here you can create and manage groups.

Manage Access

If you want to "unpublish" your site at the end of the quarter, you can do that here. Choose "Leave as Draft" under Site Status.

Import from Site

This tool allows you to import content from other sites. You have the option to replace or merge your selected data from Assignments, Tests and Quizzes, Lessons, Resources, and more!

User Audit Log

In this tool, you can see when your students were added, and when, and by whom.