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Instructors, if you have an NPS Zoom account, you should have received an email last week from Scott Bischoff detailing our cloud storage limitations with the new Zoom web conference tool. Basically, the great resolution and sound quality with Zoom has resulted in larger-than-expected files but not a lot of storage with the Zoom company to contain them. 

If you missed that email, here are your instructions:

  1. Please change to your recording settings from Zoom Cloud to OneDrive or Box.  You each have 5TB available in OneDrive and unlimited storage in Box.  Each allows for direct storage with settings in the Zoom application. You can continue to share with your students with either method.  will step you through the OneDrive setup  for Box setup

2. Additionally, please download and move your existing files from Zoom Cloud when convenient. We do not intend to increase Zoom storage with OneDrive and Box options available.

As always, we are here to help!



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