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Good morning Sakai Users!

On March 12, I mentioned that we will be upgrading Sakai from our current version of 12.4 to version 19. I want to bring it up again since it's less than two months away now, and summer break is fast approaching. 

Our plan is still to do the upgrade on Monday of the second week of summer break, June 24th, and we will experience a down time of approximately four hours, until 1200. Just to be clear, during that time there will be NO access to Sakai or DODLearn AT ALL. This includes students, faculty, and us in the CLE admin office. Right now, this is our most likely plan, but things are still in flux. Stay tuned for updates. 

While it seems like an upgrade from version 12 to 19 would be a big leap, the Sakai developers are simply changing the version naming scheme to match the current year, rather than the number of the version. Sakai as we know it will actually change very little, and certainly not as much as it did during the summer of 18, when we jumped from v. 10 to 12. 

In addition to the list of changes and improvements I mentioned on March 12, I have two informational pages I'd like to share with you that go into much more detail.

  • The first is a list of the release notes from the Apereo Foundation, a collection of developers from higher education institutions around the globe who oversee and contribute to the development of Sakai and other open source projects.

  • The second link below is a more in-depth list of the changes to the software, listed in the Sakai Project Wiki, which is a Confluence page (just like the NPS Wiki, though not affiliated) and serves as the community collaboration platform for the Sakai developers and institutional admins alike.

As usual, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out! 831-656-2176 or 2020