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Hello All,

I understand many of you are having considerable trouble connecting to Collaborate over the last two weeks. After speaking with the NMCI, I found out that there was an attempted breach of the system, prompting a tactical hardening, which is preventing Collaborate access in some areas. I've been told you can call the NMCI ((866-843-6624) with the following information, and reference ticket # SDW09557008.:

  1. Phone number: 

  2. Computer name:  

  3. Computer asset tag:  

  4. Windows 10 1803 update done?:

  5. Unclassified or Classified:

  6. Port number:  

  7. Base:  

  8. Building:  

  9. Floor:  

  10. Room/cube:  

  11. Alternate contact first and last name:

  12. Alternate contact phone:

I'm so sorry we can't be more helpful!


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