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If you've been around NPS long, you've probably heard this more than once. AND if you read the "Message of the Day" on your "Home" page in Sakai, you've seen this before!

I just recently had a slew of problems with a class where several students had problems with their tests in Sakai. One student clicked on "Submit" and the test deleted his answers, and he turned in a partially completed test, when in reality he completed every question. In another case, The student finished the test, clicked on submit, and it made her log back in, only to find that her answers were gone. In yet another, the student went to submit the test and the Submit button was grayed out, then made him log back in and only half of his answers were there. 

Here is what you do to be able to avoid shedding tears from lost questions:

  • If at all possible, use Chrome or Firefox. We advise against Internet Explorer, Edge, or Safari for Sakai, as the user interface gives inconsistent results.
  • IMPORTANT! Only have ONE browser tab, the Sakai test, open in one browser at a time. If you need to have another internet window open for reference, use another, different entire browser. In other words, if you're taking the test in Chrome, have your reference page open in Firefox or Internet Explorer. DO NOT have the test open in more than one window AT ALL. EVER!
  • Save often. Save after every question. Sakai automatically logs you out after 60 minutes of inactivity, and it doesn't count test entries as activity, so again, save your work often!
  • If you're having issues with entering numbers in numeric questions ("you have non numerical values in numerical fields"), save your work. Then either try another browser, or clear your browser's' cache, directions are here:
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