Blog from October, 2019

Anyone can help me test, but this is particularly important for DL students. If you have about 10 minutes to spare at work, we are testing a new(ish) Blackboard web conference tool called "Collaborate Ultra."

If you want to help, you have two choices: Please follow this link and just see if you can get in, AND/OR contact the CLE helpdesk to also test your audio and complete viewing capability. We are at 831-656-2020 or

When you're done, please fill out our really short survey by clicking here!

Here is more information about Ultra, if you want: Collaborate Ultra

If one browser doesn't work for you, please try another if you can! Please note that Internet Explorer 11 is not supported by Collaborate Ultra.

This training, led by Wilma Hodges, Ed.D. Director of Training & eLearning Initiatives at Longsight, Inc, will cover tips and tricks in Rubrics, Assignments, Tests & Quizzes, Gradebook, and Lessons.

When: OCT 17, 11:30-1:00 pm PST

Where: online via Zoom -


If you are new to Sakai or one of my power users, please attend! I personally guarantee that you’ll learn something valuable!

Please go here for the recording of the training.





Introductions, goals, and expectations


Quick Refresher on Basic Tools

●      Announcements, Messages, Calendar, Forums



●      Creating/editing/sharing rubrics

●      Attaching to items

●      Grading with rubrics



●      Group/section selection

●      Email reminder

●      Group assignments

●      Peer review assignments


Tests & Quizzes

●      Landing page redesign

●      Group/section selection

●      Creating exceptions

●      Question pools



●      New empty state and tooltips

●      Navigating gradebook, show/hide/reorder items

●      Grade statistics

●      Create and add another

●      Exclude items by student



●      Section and column layout options

●      Adding, editing, and reordering items

●      Page/lesson design considerations

●      Conditional release

●      Checklist options

●      Lessons as course landing page



If you've talked to me about the trials and tribulations of trying to connect to a web conferencing program from a Military network, you've probably heard me say that it's a moving target. By that I mean that what works to connect is constantly changing. Unfortunately, Zoom is no different in that respect. What worked when we first piloted the program has changed a couple of times, so here is the update, as of 10/2020.

  1. If you can get permission to download the client version of Zoom, that is the best idea. What I mean by that is that if you can download, install, AND run the program from your operating system, you will be able to benefit from the full functionality of the program. You'll be able to use your computer's on-board sound system for speaking and listening, you'll be able to see resize the sharing area, participate in breakout rooms, and see the video of your classmates, should they reveal their cameras. 
  2. Chrome is the next best idea, but ONLY if you can see what your professor is sharing on his screen. The Chrome browser has the most "client-like" interface of the all of the Zoom browser version, but most of the students I've talked to who can't download the client version of Zoom, also are prevented from seeing what is being shared. If you want to test this, please call us. It takes literally three minutes. 
  3. Next are Firefox and Edge.  A few months ago, Edge didn't work with Zoom on Military networks, but Firefox did. That is quickly being reversed. I'm finding more and more students who call have already tried Firefox and it's blocked in some way, but Edge works. The problem with Edge is that you can only share your screen if you have Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise, but not home. So if you find that Edge works at work, it most likely won't work at home. However, if you're using Zoom at home, you can run the client version, so there!
  4. Call us to test! If you want to check if your chosen browser will work to let you view your professor's shared document, please call us at 831-656-2020.

If this is your first quarter as a student or faculty we wish you all the best! Some good things to remember as you make your way around the Sakai portal:

  1. If you can’t find your course, check in the “Sites” block in the upper right corner. You can adjust your favorites there as well.
  2. Faculty: Don’t forget to update the Overview and publish your course for student view!
  3. Check the Overview in your Home area for important CLE updates and messages.
  4. Check for FAQs and tutorials in and even more resources in
  5. We aren't updated on individual adds and drops, so let us know if you need to be added to a course, or if you have new students that aren't on your roster.
  6. Don't forget the myriad of resources at your disposal for both students and faculty. We are here to help you succeed!