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Instructors, did you know you can monitor and evaluate your course activity with the Statistics tool? From the time that the tool is installed, you can find out who has visited and what they've done. Please Note: You will only see the results of your course from the time that the tool is added to your course **

Overview: Will show you how many site participants were in the site and on what date, along with what tool, resource, or lesson pages were visited, and by exactly whom. 

Reports: This area has seven predefined and editable reports outlining various user activity in the course.

Preferences: Lets you adjust your tool activity selection and chart parameters for printing and viewing. 

One of my frequently asked questions related to the statistics tool, is "how can I see if one of my students has been in the site yet, and what have they done?" This can be done with a specialized report that you can create. If you're interested, here are your instructions:

  1. In the Statistics tool, go to "Reports."
  2. Under "My Reports" click on "Add."
  3. (Optional) Give the report a title if you intend on saving
  4. Leave "Activity" at the default "Visits." If you want to see what tools a participant is accessing, choose "Events."
  5. Choose your time period; All, Last 7 days, Last 30 days, Last 365 days, or custom, which allows you to choose a day (Specific hours aren't available).
  6. Under "Users" choose All, or Custom, which allows you to choose a particular individual.
  7. "How" will show you the results by the User, Tool, or Date you specify.
  8. Choose your prefered chart format and click on "Generate Report."

**If you would like to see detailed list of user events in a course from before the tool has been added to your course, please contact us at 831-656-2020. We have access to much more detailed data that we can give you. 

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