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If you are instructor using Zoom and Sakai, you have a number of choices for how to give your students access to the lecture recordings.

  1. Store in the Zoom Cloud - As of right now, we have enough room for you to automatically save your Zoom meetings to the Zoom cloud, and if you create your session from within Sakai, your students will be able to access them from the Zoom tool in the menu. To save your recordings this way, choose to save "Automatically to the cloud" in your session settings. At the end of the quarter, your lectures will need to be deleted, or downloaded then deleted. You can do that, or we can do it for you!
  2. Store in Sakai - If your recordings are less than 1GB, you can upload them and store them in Resources in Sakai. This works best for infrequent storage since you'll run out of room quickly.
  3. Store them in or OneDrive - Both of these are good solutions. As NPS network account holders, you are entitled to a huge amount of space in both of these locations, so space or deletion will never be an issue. The only trick is that you'll need to get a sharing link to give to your students so that they can access them there. Many teachers who use this method get the sharing link and send it in an announcement to the students. 

If you want to know more about all of this, please contact us at 831-656-2020!

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