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Professors, did you know that you have MAGICAL POWERS? You have complete control over what tools and links appear in your left menu, AND in what order! 

To affect this amazing control over your world, start in Site Info. Make sure that you're enrolled as Instructor in courses or Organizer in project sites you want to look at. 

Manage Tools

Manage tools let you add any tools that you need for your course. 

To add Tools:

Go to Manage Tools, then check the tools you want to  use. 

Click Continue, then Finish. Your new menu item will be on the bottom of the menu.

Tool Descriptions

Tool Order

Tool order lets you reorder your menu, delete tools you don't need, hide tools from students, and rename your tools.

To Delete Tools

Click the control gear, then choose "Delete this Tool"

To Rename Tools

Click on the control gear, click on "Edit Tool Title."


Click the green check mark, then click on Save to save. 

To Reorder Tools

Find the three horizontal lines to the left of the tool row that you want to move, and drag-and-drop it into the desired order. 

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