Blog from March, 2020

  1. Things are changing minute-to-minute, so stay tuned! Please comment below with updates of your own if you want to.

2. Get your Sakai course requests in to us at We are working to get students populated so let us know of any discrepancies. 

3. Dan is probably going to start working from home tomorrow. I'll hold out until they kick me out the door.

4. Zoom training is in Reed 101 and online at today at 1200-1300 . I don't know what tomorrow will bring, but I'll at the very least have it online. Stay tuned.

5. Teams training, lead by D'Marie Bartolf from the TLC, will be in Reed 102 - Please go here for more info and updates -

6. We are trying to limit Zoom licenses to faculty until we get more (Zoom is understandably hard to get a hold of right now), so if you still need to request a license and your position as faculty isn't immediately obvious, be prepared for us to encourage you to use Teams instead.

7. Links to the recordings from Zoom brownbags will be posted here as soon as I see which ones aren't terrible. 

Are you able to connect to Collaborate on a military network or on a base, please let me know. It appears that military networks have moved the goalposts again and some students can't access Collaborate from their workstation on base. 

Sometimes your local IT department can make the changes that you need. In this case, they'll need to make sure that sites / is whitelisted on ports 80, 443, and 2187.

You might also be able to go to the Java Control Panel and use the Advanced tab to set “Perform TLS certificate revocation checks on”  to “Do not check (not recommended)”. If you can't do that, talk to your IT people and see if they'll do that for you.

Please use the comments below to give any advice for those on NMCI or any military network!