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When we had Zoom early last year, you may or may not remember that storage space was a huge issue. We didn't realize that our meetings and lectures would be so large and that the space that Zoom gave us wouldn't work. We had to scramble to have people delete their old sessions, we told people to STOP recording to the cloud and it was a huge mess. Now with Zoom for Government, we have unlimited, I'll say it again...unlimited storage. Not only that, but sharing from the Zoom cloud is very easy. At least, much easier than downloading and uploading to OneDrive or Box, or Sakai and worrying that you won't have enough space. If you're interested in saving and sharing your lectures and meetings from the Zoom for Government cloud, I have an instruction wiki below. 

Sharing your Recordings from the Zoom for Government Cloud

As always, let me know your questions, comments, and concerns.


For next week: Summer Upgrade to Sakai version 21!

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