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  • Adding the Collaborate Tool to a Sakai Site
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If your Collaborate tool is not working in a Sakai site you may need to remove the tool and re-add it.

To Add the Collaborate Tool

  1. Go to Site Info > Manage Tools
  2. Go down to External Tools at the bottom of the list and check Collaborate 
  3. Click the Continue button  
  4. Finally select the Finish button to confirm changes
  5. The web page should refresh and the tool should now be towards the bottom of the left navigation
  6. If you would like to re-arrange items you can use the Site Info > Tool Order tool


To Remove the Collaborate Tool

  1. Go to Site Info > Page Order
  2. Click the red X in the Collaborate tool box
  3. Select the Save button to confirm changes

"Not Yet Configured" message

if you get the message that Collaborate is "Not yet Configured" it means that the tool was copied from a previous version of the course.  To fix this:

  1. Go to Site Editor > Page Order tool
  2. Select the Red X next to the Collaborate tool
  3. Select the Save button at the bottom of the page
  4. Continue by following the instructions above on Adding the Collaborate Tool

Changing the Collaborate Button Name

It is technically possible to change the name of the Collaborate button using the Site Editor > Page Order tool but doing so breaks the tool.  

If this is done the tool can be restored by removing the tool and re-adding it (instructions above) without losing sessions or recordings previously created in the site.

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