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Important information about Collaborate Original -

What is Collaborate?

Blackboard Collaborate is a tool in which to conduct web-conferencing as well as comprehensive online learning.  

Getting Started

  • You can only view sessions and recordings for courses in which you are enrolled
  • If you are not enrolled in the course, contact the instructor for that course
  • Collaborate is a complex tool.  It is important that you confirm your ability to access collaborate before your first scheduled session.
  • If the instructions below do not work for you, we are available to help at 

Collaborate Current Service Status

Connecting to a Session

Use the NPS Collaborate Test Session at any time to test your connection to a Collaborate Session.  Instructions and troubleshooting for various operating systems are below.


For Instructors -

 - Creating Sessions 

Sessions can ONLY be created using Sakai.  NPS Staff and Faculty can contact to request a Sakai site which they can use to create sessions.  

Once sessions are created, participants do not need to be enrolled in the course site to join.  Session creators will get a Guest Link which they can email to desired participants.

 - Session Date/Times

The Sakai Collaborate Interface detects your location so any dates/times specified will be in your timezone.  Dates/Times will be adjusted for others in their own time zones.

 - Orientations (created by vendor)

 - Recorded Trainings (created by NPS)

Download the Powerpoint file used in the training.

If your NPS groups will like a live training session, please contact to submit a request. 

In-Session How To Guides

How to perform specific tasks in Collaborate with the improved user interface

Collaborate Features

  • Software Echo Canceling - any speakers and microphones can be used, no need for hardware echo cancellation
  • Mobile apps - IOS and Android apps for Participants only, Moderators must continue to use a computer for full functionality
  • Improved User Interface with commonly used tools easier to access
  • Ability for users to join via Phone call, audio only

If the requestor is not a Moderator/Instructor in the session, a moderator will be contacted for distribution approval.

Additional Questions

if you have questions or concerns not covered in these pages, please email