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Many web browsers are beginning to block mixed content by default, without any notification.  This will prevent content which is not secure (http) from being displayed through Sakai which is secure (https).

To properly display mixed content in Sakai, to be done by course instructors

  1. Once the Web Content item is created, select the Edit (pencil and paper) icon toward the top-right corner of the page
  2. Select the checkbox "Open in new window?"
  3. Select the Update Options button to save your changes

This will open the http page in a new window for all users.

After doing this Sakai users will not need the work-arounds listed below.

Firefox version 23 and greater

Select the Icon which should appear and choose to "Disable Protection on This Page"

More information about Mixed Content in Firefox

Chrome version 29 and greater

More information about Mixed Content in Chrome

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