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PowerPoint JPEG Slide Conversion


Some individuals who have upgraded to Mac’s High Sierra OS update are experiencing an error when uploading PowerPoint slides into Collaborate sessions. The following is the work-around until a permanent fix is provided. This is the manual way to convert slides into a format Collaborate can work with.


  1. Open the PowerPoint slideshow that needs to be uploaded.
  2. In the top menu, go to File, then Export



  1. Choose file format JPEG, make sure “Save Every Slide” is chosen, and click on the “Export” button.


  1. A pop-up message will follow, telling you where the folder with your converted slides is stored.
  2. In Collaborate, open “Load Content.” Browse to your converted slides using the provided file browser.
  3. Select all slides and click on “Open.
  4. At the next dialog window, choose “Import Images as Individual Pages.”
  5. Your slides are now loaded into the whiteboard of Collaborate and can be navigated exactly as if Collaborate had done the conversion.