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This page lists suggestions to common Issues for Windows users trying to connect to a Collaborate Session.

Internet Explorer 8 is not a supported browser

  • If your course instructor has provided a Guest Link to the session you should not have a problem using that.  The issue is not with connecting to to the session it's with the Sakai Tool.
  • If your instructor has not provided a Guest Link you can access the Collaborate tool in Sakai by downloading and running Firefox, without having administrative rights on your computer.

This Page Can Not Be Displayed

  • If the user cannot see the current session in the session tab, please refer to this java fix:
  • Ensure Cookies are enabled

Using Internet Explorer

  1. Under your Tools menu, access Internet Options
  2. Select the Privacy tab
  3. Move the slider to Medium or Medium-High
  4. Select the Security tab
  5. Click the Custom level... button
  6. For Reset custom settings, choose Medium or Medium-high
  7. Click OK twice to save and exit the Internet Options

if that does not work try to Specify the specific web site which is always allowed to use cookies.  (You can also enter sites which are specifically never allowed to use cookies.)

  1. Under your Tools menu, access Internet Options
  2. On the Privacy tab, click the Sites button
  3. Enter the primary domain (address) of the site (e.g., and click the Allow button
  4. Click OK button, then OK again.

or you can (less secure) accept all first- and third-party cookies and always allow session cookies.

  1. On the Privacy tab, click the Advanced button
  2. Click the checkbox to select Override automatic cookie handling
  3. Select Accept for both First-party Cookies and Third-party Cookies
  4. Click the checkbox to select Always allow session cookies
  5. Click OK to return to the Internet Options menu and now the privacy setting will be set to Custom.
  6. Press “Apply” to save the new settings.
  • It's possible your secure network is blocking the domain, please contact your help desk to ensure that URL is not being blocked.  This block would only effect the Sakai Collaborate tool still allowing you to connect to the session with the direct URL.

HTTP ERROR 401 Unauthorized

This error has been encountered by people using Internet Explorer 9 and 10 in Compatibility Mode.

3 ways to disable compatibility mode in IE9.

Internet Explorer IE 10

Windows can not open the file

The downloaded file should open with Java Web start.

You can confirm Java is installed on your computer by going to the Verify Java Version web page and selecting the Verify Java Version button.

If Java is installed, you may need to re-associate the .jnlp file type with Java web start by following the instructions.

Unable to Launch Application

  • Ensure you are able to download Java applications to your computer
    • Go to Control Panel > Java > General tab > Temporary Internet Settings
    • "Keep temporary files on my computer" should be checked
  • Try to clear your Java Cache (instructions) and attempt to join the session again
  • If you are connecting to NPS using our VPN service (Cisco client, NPS Bart or bouncer) please disconnect from that service and attempt to connect again.
  • Ensure there is no additional firewall software running.  Many new computers come with trail-ware anti-virus or firewall software (McAfee, Symantec, Kaspersky).  Disable that software and attempt to connect again.
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