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  • Copying Content from Another Sakai Course
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Copying content from one Sakai course to another is the responsibility of the instructor.  To do this you must be an instructor in both sites/courses

  1. Go into the course which you want to copy content into
  2. Navigate to the Site Info
  3. Choose Import from Site
  4. Choose the most appropriate option between "I would like to replace my data" or "I would like to merge my data", former recommended for class sites created using the Python-Sakai batch process.
  5. Choose the course(s) from which you would like to import content, you can select multiple courses.
  6. Use the checkboxes to decide what content to copy from which course (if multiple courses were selected)
    • If an item is grayed out on this list, that tool is not available either in the source or destination site.

After copying course content, things to check:

  • Ensure there are no links back to the previous course, especially in Web Content left navigation items (1)
  • Left navigation items that were renamed may change back to their default names, use Site Info > Page Order tool to set desired names.
  • Left navigation items may revert back to their default order, use Site Info > Page Order tool to set desired order.
  • Tests & Quizzes may not copy when doing an "I'd like to replace my data". (2)


(1) Links may not seem broken to you may be broken for students as the links may be pointing back to the content in the copied course to which you have access but your students do not.  To check which course a link is pointing to, compare the link's site ID to the site ID of the current course.  The site ID is an approximately 36 character string of letters and numbers and can be found in your browser's URL when you are viewing your course (i.e. if the following is displayed in my browser when in my course:, the Site ID is 0e6cf615-18f7-4f3c-a695-f6e252f467a3).

To update Web Content items to point resources within your course:

  • Copy (Ctl-C) the URL of the file you want to link to (typically an html file) from Edit Details
  • Click on the left navigation item that is pointing to the previous course
  • On the top left corner of the frame is an Options button
  • Paste the new URL into the URL field
  • Hit the Update Options button

(2) If your Tests & Quizzes do not copy, do the Import from Site again but this time choose I would like to merge my data, choose the course from which you would like to bring in your Tests & Quizzes, then choose ONLY the Tests & Quizzes material.

Prof. Greg Miller created ITACSTEMP:this pdf file with screen shots and information about what to do after importing the content.

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