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  • Creating and Using a Chat Group in Teams
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Chat groups are a smart alternative to dedicated Teams. With a Chat Group you can quickly meet, chat, and share files and screens. 

Creating a Chat Group

From within Chat in Teams, click on the Add People button at the top of the window. 

Add participants by typing their names, separated by commas. 

Messaging Your Group

Once you have your group set up, you can message everyone just by starting a new message in the Compose box. Type a simple message just by clicking in the text box. 

Or compose a more formatted message by clicking on the Compose button.

In either case, send your message by clicking the Send button.

Starting a Meeting

You can start a video call, an audio call, or a screen sharing session from the buttons in the upper right of the Teams window

File sharing

File sharing is a simple as clicking on the attachment icon in the Compose menu

Since Teams integrates with OneDrive, you can choose from your cloud storage or your computer.

Once you choose the file you want to share, it will appear in the Compose box, waiting for you to type a message about the file (Optional) and click the send button. 

Change the Name of Your Chat Group

You can change the name of your group of two or more by clicking on the Name group chat icon and typing a new name.

Managing Group Chat Members

You can add and remove members of your group by clicking on the Participant Management button, in the upper right of your Chat Group window.

After clicking, you'll see a drop-down list of your group members. You can click the X next to a name to remove that person, click on "Add People" to add participants, or click on "Leave" to leave the group. If you leave the group, you won't see messages or be notified of activity in this group. 

Video Instructions

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