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  • Importing Grades into Gradebook
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You can import one or more graded assignment or test directly into the Gradebook in Sakai using an excel spreadsheet using the following directions.


  1. Go to the Gradebook tool in Sakai and click on Import Grades.

  2. Download either of the spreadsheet templates provided. This template will include your student names and any existing grades
  3. Edit the spreadsheet. Include the assessment name in the column header and the possible points in brackets. Make sure that your columns only include the name and ID of your students , and the graded assessments in simple value formatting in the cells. Any other informational columns or formating in the cells will cause an error, including formulas. Remove columns for items already existing in Assignments or Tests & Quizzes. Those will need to be entered manually if changes are needed. 
  4. Import the spreadsheet by clicking on Choose File.
  5. The next screen will verify your import to show you what changes will be made. When you're satisfied, click okay
  6. Your grades will import and the following verification will be shown next.